About Us


When we choose what to wear, we choose to tell the world about who we are and what makes each of us amazing and unique. Twenty years ago, when I personally started my hijab journey, I struggled in school, at work and amongst my community to keep my hijab game strong.  Now, those same barriers are broken and we want to celebrate the women who changed the narrative. Muslim women in hijab are at the forefront of every industry and walking every walk of life. Our hijabs are created to be as strong as the women wearing them. They are built to empower you with confidence, class and comfort to get you through the good days and the bad. Nia Collection is revolutionizing the modest clothing platform by bringing you the best of the modest fashion world. Everyday we choose to wear hijab despite the struggles, cause the one thing that can't be taken away is our purpose. Whatever walk of life you have chosen, allow your clothing to speak your purpose!