About NIA


My hijab journey began over twenty years ago as I struggled to maintain my own self-awareness and personal style against a community that was constantly judging and mocking. Fifteen years ago I found myself in the online Islamic clothing business, and after learning all that I could, I decided to partake on my own adventure. 

I founded NIA Collection to provide the finest and highest quality hijabs in the industry. I wanted to move away from the ‘fashion industry’ of Islamic clothing and reveal the essense of women in hijab - the power and strength hijab gives us. 

We find ourselves in a more accepting world, those old barriers torn down, and a world in which women are celebrated for changing the narrative. 

We no longer have to look or feel trapped in hijab that was ultimately meant to safeguard and empower us. Now, we radiate confidence, class, and comfort … all with the purpose of pleasing Allah. 

NIA Collection is revolutionizing the modest clothing industry by bringing you the best of the modest fashion world and opening avenues to fulfill that purpose in life. 

What we wear has the power to define who we are and what makes us unique. Celebrate yourself and dress with purpose in NIA Collection. 


Anila N.